Thursday, January 26, 2017


January 19, BT (before Trump, known to me as Donald Dick)

Like Louis Armstrong, I see blue skies. Or rather one patch of blue, if I look out one window. If I look out the other window, I see storm clouds. However, having seen the blue and some actual sunshine to boot, I donned my swimsuit for a foray to the pool. Whether I will chicken out, or whether it will be too cold or even raining by the time I get there after dropping off Janet at the senior center, well, that remains to be seen. Am I working up to it, to getting back to swimming, at least?

Later that same day ...

Well huzzah for me. I did manage to swim a half-mile. Only one intrepid (female) swimmer joined me. The lifeguard played some great music, I don't even know the genre, some kind of soft r&b rap that was quite good. Now, however, I am feeling something in the bone tired universe and would love to take a nap. Maybe after my next errand. I did allow myself the luxury of a warm bath after, only to be interrupted after 10 minutes by Janet who came home early from her senior group and had a need. I did get to read the first essay in Rebecca Solnit's Men Explain Things To Me. Snuggling up in bed this evening will have to do for my reading time.

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  1. We miss your presence here in Brooklyn dearly, my friend.