Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Janet wrenched me from the depths of a complicated dream with the underlying, recurrent theme of house and homelessness. Part of the dream had to do with the Volny family and the selling of the Holbrook house two years ago, although in that section, there was kindness, love, and gratitude. The future was the fear and fright looming just ahead.

The sleep was one of those one doesn't want to be torn from. My psyche is still there, duking it out with neurosis. I am only partly awake though I have had a triple espresso and run several errands. 'Tis likely the only remedy to get my sleep and waking selves reunited so that I can go forward is to take a nap. There are bills to be paid, spider mites to annihilate, work on the second volume of Monsterwood, tomato soup to finish, and maybe some needlework to do.

I haven't had much embroidery time these last few days, although I did start knitting a new scarf. When I was out in Palm Springs with KH, I found a not-very-good scarf made with some beautiful and expensive wool, so I took it apart, soaked then dried it, and am knitting it up again. This snap doesn't do it justice. Meanwhile, it will soon be too hot around here to touch wool. I had to have a knitting project to work on while Peter and I watch Versailles. There isn't enough light in his living room for close needlework.

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