Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Tangerines growing in the neighbor's yard.

Yeah, and where have I been?

My eldest brother and sister-in-law were headed down here for a visit on their way to Palm Springs. This necessitated further cleaning and some heightened bickering with the mother. That, in turn, caused some tears and despair, and Bob’s your uncle, as you well know. The visit is over, so we can return to our regularly scheduled round of activities. 

In other words, there isn’t much to report and I am still on stunned.

On Sunday evening, I made pizza for the family and PAS. PAS and I then staid up until 2:00 am discussing life and, on my part, drinking too much white wine. The pizzas were good, though.

Emmylou is enjoying southern California as she has an enclosed backyard she gets to wander in for hours every day. She likes to chase Ariel, and Ariel is at least partially compliant. Cooder is okay, too, if somewhat slower. She has shown great interest in eating deli turkey, as well as Greenies.

Michael and I picked up the bicycle from being tuned up, so if the helmet that is here fits at all, I am good to go on some rides. I am ready to get back to healthier eating and exercise.

In other news, I did get to see some friends this past weekend. D&PW were in from Brewster on their first real trip to California. It is always such a pleasure to be with folks who are excited about something. Their first question to me was “Why would you want to leave this place?” It was great fun to share their experiences of Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle, and the like. Plus, they were stoked as they missed the huge snowstorm while they relaxed in the sun.

Then, on Saturday, my friend RV drove up to take me to lunch at a huge Cuban bakery and restaurant. I had not seen RV in several years, likely since Carl died, but we had a sweet time eating and laughing about our youthful escapades and catching up on travels and musical finds. 

Mom and Emmy looking at the sunset.

I know this is mundane and all, but again, I am endeavoring to get back to the me I used to know. It’s the best I can do for now. Some days it is too much and too weird. 

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