Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Dreams aren’t supposed to break your hearts, are they? I’m not talking about conscious dreams, I’m speaking of sleeping dreams. I had this wonderful dream about getting an amazing job. It was some sort of card/paper goods/publishing company, probably somewhat akin to Chronicle Books. The job was both creative and managerial and had some interesting, “cutting edge” technology as well.

The job was very demanding. The interviewer was working on a calendar project that had to do with finding cool events and tidbits for every day, which doesn’t sound that amazing, but it looked great. I was able to offer up an off-the-cuff dialog quote from a tv show that impressed her.

The city we were in was New York, but it was a New York crossed with Venice, canals and beautiful stone or brick buildings, lots of fog. We went to a fabulous upscale, but “underground” restaurant (with a view of the canals, senza dubbio) and somehow my friend Jacqueline, with who I worked in Paris, was there. We had to walk through a strange, funky restaurant that was popular on Sex and the City, to get to this beautiful room with a view.

I was crushed and dismayed to find it had only been a dream.

Last night we put away the pets' food and water as Albert is having surgery today. Cooder drinks a lot of water, so I moved her water dish under the bed where Albert could not get to it. This morning, I came upstairs to see her sitting, patiently, if wearily, in the bathroom where her water dish is usually placed. In her mind, that's where the water is. End of story.

Oooh ... not feeling great today. I went to the grocery to get the rest of the items I needed to make Red Curry Carrot Soup and almost walked out the door without what I had just bought. I napped a lot. But I made the soup. And now I am going back to bed.

Albert had surgery today to remove a tumor in his mouth. So far, the prognosis is good and we are all thankful. The end of the tomatoes.

The end of the tomatoes.

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

I don't know, I think you can do both.

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