Wednesday, April 30, 2014


"What began it all was the bright bone of a dream I could hardly hold onto."
- Michael Ondaatje, Running in the Family
This was the accumulated pile of papers from the job.

Been quite a while since I have tried to write, although I did start this post the Saturday before last. More long, stressful days, but only four left now. This whole process has been so interesting, albeit painful psychologically at times. I think what I learned and observed made up for the discomfort and unreasonable pressure. 

There about about twelve us in total on the post-production end of this pilot. Only two females. But I cannot recall another time at work where gender was such a non-issue. A fantastic group of people to work with. No egos, not even at the top. Just a focus on getting the work done.

So, we wait for MC to come out of his edit long enough to approve VFX shots so that we can let the vendors know and go to final.

If you smelled it, you wouldn't think life was so great in the past.
- Michael Atkinson

Later that same lifetime ...

Well, writing is just one good habit with which I am currently out of step. My internal dialog is disrupted, which is not necessarily negative, but I have not resumed my observational vantage point. I did try to get out for a walk over the weekend, in the hopes of resuming my healthier lifestyle, but that has yet to fall into place. So, I am eating too much and exercising too little. Now that it is raining, I don't see that changing immediately.

I'm off to Brooklyn again for my book group, although I haven't read the requisite amount of Proust. I do feel like reading, but Proust is challenging at many pages or hours a day. I did knock off a fun book about those men (mostly) who were behind shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, etc.  Difficult Men: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking BadIt was a fun read, particularly after having worked on the recent project.

So, having tried to be in touch here, I am going to head for bed. The kitties have been completely delicious and very pleased to have me around. Mel and John have been around for the last few days, too, so they are getting lots and lots of attention. 

And as soon as I could, I was back at the stove cooking up a storm, it having been quite a while since I made a real meal. I had to stop so that we could eat it up, but I did make chicken andouille-three bean chili (black, black-eyed peas, and chickpeas), spaghetti sauce, and a nice chicken-vegetable soup. 

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