Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Yes, many many days since I have written. Yeah, I more than survived Thanksgiving. Actually, I had a very nice dinner with Mel, John, his niece, Elena, her boyfriend, Peter, Mel's workmate and soul-sister/mentee Marlowe, and a special guest appearance from the "Loki" of 12th Street Bar and Grill, JH.

Department of Good-to-Know.

Truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.
 -Flannery O'Connor

The hard part about truth is not the "stomaching" but the understanding, the realization of what is. Better to swallow once you have been able to chew through some of it, get a taste of what needs to be digested.

I subscribe to this nice daily poem from the American Academy of Poets. I must admit I do not always take the few minutes to read and savor these because, you know, gotta keep movin' on more important things ("Now, WHO is Tom Cruise dating?") … but this one this morning stuck with me. And besides, I am getting a head start on my next year's mantra of "slow down, move forward."

My Teacup
by Alli Warren

trees are steaming 
ever more vital pliant DINK 
I can't see a thing in the sky 
I choose George 
Stanley over Fear 
and Trembling 
Tell why you chose 
to do this or that 
on each occasion 
Nothing with hooves 
or heels was it? 
Excuse me for not thumbing 
the abyss, "the goading urgency 
of contingent happenings" 
how stretchy the membrane 
how drunk the ship 
breaching the freight 
we port with 
however it is 
I am and come to know 
the ruby field of feeling 
and isn't a life suddenly 
laid in all its excess 
of doubt & dualism 
gag in the mouth I forget 
to give sense to 
relations that animate 
to be carried among them 
you are not an engineer 
yet forms persist 
so topple the column 
any place there's a rope there's 
the earth is not enough 
I stick my head in it 
I lose my coat 

There are so many great phrases here, and a multiplicity of ways to read the cadence. Here's what the poet says about this poem: 

This poem struggles with decision making and its aftermath, at the level of the individual, the nation-state, and the species, if it may be so bold. It sits on a loveseat, a barstool, a concrete slab, and an office chair. It wants to live, love and learn but can't see the field for the steaming trees."

--Alli Warren

Yeah, can't see the field.

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