Thursday, April 2, 2015


Other than to water the plants, I didn’t get outside today. I should make the most of the nearly clement weather as next weekend, my birthday weekend, it is heat-hammer-time again.

I had forgotten about the beauty of a desert night. The cool and often fragrant air can almost make you forget about the crushing misery of the day.

A couple of days later ... now Monday, March 23rd.

Fortunately, it is quite breezy today so that sitting at my desk requires no fans nor air conditioning. 

That was a non-starter and, yet again, it is the next day. 

What a slog going through papers. What will be lost when it is the digital files of the departed that might be edited? Although it is messy and voluminous, I think I prefer paper.

And now it has been another week and still no posts. 

This is merely to say hello.

I am better than okay, which is not really telling you much. But I am warming up my fingers and my brain to get writing. Making progress on the Mom stuff (taxes, paperwork, organization, gardening) and some of my other work, too. Who knows? Perhaps I will get to mending and sewing sometime soon.

 I found this book for my mom on my birthday: too late!

"Sometimes in dreams there are visions of the past. For that reason. Alice Prentice had always welcomed sleep, but she suffered an insomniac's dread of the time just before sleeping, the act of falling asleep itself, the perilous twilight of semi-awareness when the mind must struggle for coherence, when a siren or a cry in the street is the very sound of terror and the ticking of the clock is a steady reminder of death."

— Richard Yates, A Special Providence

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  1. Sally, as I read your eloquent words again I have to reach out and share that so often, you voice feelings and experiences I know very well…I love the poems and pictures and quotes …Thank you! I'm sending you hugs and hoping your day smiles on you with blessings…and mine too! Mil